Plan to launch VN Check brand - No.1 traceability platform in Vietnam

After 2 years of preparation, we are pleased to announce the launch event of VN Check Brand in Hanoi on June 25, 2021 with over 500 delegates attending at the National Convention Center. This is an important event, a traditional event of great significance for the Project and the Global Digital and Technology Joint Stock Company.

Right from the early days of 2021, the global technology and digitalization joint stock company has identified this as one of the key tasks - The official launching ceremony of the VN Check project marks an important turning point for us, opening a new page for the development of the Enterprise - The first product developed by the company after more than 2 years of investment and research.

In order for our launch to be solemn, we are pleased to inform you of the following events surrounding the event:

1 - Launched VN Check's Business Associates Club.

2 - Trial session of traceability technology at Univers Farm Organics on May 22, 2021 (at Don Duong district - Lam Dong district).

3 - The official technology demonstration ceremony (June 25, 2021) in Hanoi:

- Demonstration of the project's IoT technology - Automated environmental data collection system.

- Demonstration of traceability technology of the project phase I: From harvesting, preliminary processing, processing, packaging to customers.

4 - Press conference.

5 - Displaying products applying anti-counterfeiting and TXNG technology of the project.

In order to deploy such a large amount of work, we need the help of business collaborators and members who participate in the spirit of helping and supporting the project. We hope to receive the sincere comments of the members of the Advisory Board, the Project Advisory Board to complete the proposed tasks and plans.

Thank you very much and see you again!