About VN Check

Dirty food causes food poisoning, fake goods, poor quality goods ... have been a sore problem of the market, especially the agricultural product market. Consumer confidence is on the decline. In 2020, Vietnam ranked 91st/185th in incidence rate and 50th/185th in mortality rate per 100,000 people (source of Ministry of Health).

In the face of prolonged social pain, Global Digitalization and Technology Joint Stock Company has conducted research to build a Traceability Platform 4.0 for organic agriculture (Traceability Platform 4.0 for Agri – Organic). VN Check with 02 main product groups including: Anti-counterfeiting stamps and Traceability stamps.

With a team of leading founders who have been successful in growing organic vegetables and fruits in Vietnam, experts in the field of e-commerce and a team to develop new technologies 4.0 such as: IoT, Big Data, Ai and Blockchain… has brought us a full traceability process in accordance with the Organic standards of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the European Union (EU Organic) from the seed stages, the care process to the consumers’ hands. The system operation process includes IoT integration with hardware equipment for each stage, integration with globally standardized GS1 systems. The operation process is objective and transparent in real time when encrypted by blockchain technology (Blockchain).


Mr. Mai Quang Thinh
Vice President of IOACT
Director of GDAT JSC

Director of VN CHECK JSC

Director of VN CHECK JSC

MSc. Dao Thi Huyen Sam
Director of Univers Farm Organics

Director of Hong Ginseng Pharmaceutical


MSc. Nguyen Binh Minh
Lecturer at University of Commerce

Operations Manager NAMYMART

Member of VCOM


Nguyen Dinh Thang
Strategy Advisor
Former Chairman of LienViet Post Bank Vice

President of VINASA

Vice President of VAIP

Assoc. - Dr. Dao The Anh
Agricultural Science Advisor
Deputy Director of VAAS

Member of the French Academy of Languages

Dr. Tran Van Thanh
Advisor of Traditional Medicine - Pharmacy
Acting Director

Tue Tinh Traditional Medicine Research Institute

Mr. Pham Quang Luc
Other Foreign Policy Advisors
Director General | Central Office of Communist Party of Vietnam
Mr. Nguyen Van Kinh
Circular Agriculture System
Dr. Luong Van Thien
Technology Specialist
Complete and Publish Software


Le Minh Tuan
Web/App/Blockchain Development
Co-Founder & Chairman of SotaNext
Vu Thanh Lam
Deputy General Director | Law
CEO of Da Phuong Law Co., ltd
David Ho
Deputy General Director | Business
Vice President of IOACT

With breakthrough technologies, solutions and a team of professional advisors and consultants, we believe that we will solve complex problems in the production of clean food and agricultural products. The concern of many brands today about the evils of counterfeit goods, imitation goods ... And this is also a common danger to the whole society that we have not been able to solve for a long time.

On behalf of the Board of Management, Advisory Board, Project Advisory Board and all employees of GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY AND DIGITALIZATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY who have been contributing to the VN Check project, greetings, best wishes to our partners and customers. Good luck with our project.


Thank you very much!