Latest Update: Commercial Version - New Features in Version 2.3

VN Check has reached the halfway mark, and now it's time for us to officially unveil the details of version 2.3 - the Commercial Version. The entire management team, along with our colleagues, is eagerly anticipating the standout features: a real-time electronic log system with a Digital Agriculture map on both web and app platforms; a credit scoring system allowing businesses to take the initiative in publishing QR codes; a new version of the Blockchain system...

This upgrade version focuses on upgrading the Vietnam Standards (TCVN) and GS1 to meet the needs of domestic and countries with  low quality standards systems. We have endeavored to automatically collect data from harvesting, processing, preserving, packaging-labeling, and distributing to consumers. In version 2.3, features have been updated to the highest international standards (USDA, EU Organics, GMP-WHO, JAS...) recently introduced. Our entire cultivation process has been integrated into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system for daily distribution to farmers. Data on infrastructure, equipment, and cultivation processes are updated and encrypted in real-time through the Electronic Diary (e-Diary) application with a public blockchain system. We allow producers to choose public | private options for each customer group and user on the platform.

With our QR code management and issuance system, instead of VN Check handling the design and printing of labels for businesses, we allow businesses to have the option to print labels themselves to reduce input costs and simplify anti-counterfeiting using artificial intelligence technology. Any counterfeiting of VN Check labels will be alerted to customers. When the confirmation rate of counterfeit labels exceeds 99%, we will lock the QR code and send alerts to all related user accounts | production units across the system.

In this upgrade, the encryption system using Blockchain technology has also been upgraded to the latest version. VN Check's Blockchain is a decentralized ledger licensed for multi-industry applications by various businesses. It is designed with modular and flexible modules to accommodate various use cases in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. We provide a unique approach to achieve consensus on the network and enable implementation on a large scale while ensuring data privacy and security.

We hope that with this update, VN Check will take a significant step forward, fundamentally changing the way users approach clean, quality, and reputable food products.