Collaborating with the Vietnam National University of Forestry in research and training on traceability using the VN Check platform

On April 26, 2024, the Vietnam National University of Forestry signed a cooperation agreement to apply the VN Check platform in research and training as part of the university's digital transformation project (2024-2030).

(Image: At the signing ceremony: NGUT-Prof. Dr. Pham Van Dien on the right, Mr. Mai Quang Thinh on the left)

VN Check is the first 4.0 traceability and anti-counterfeiting technology platform in Vietnam, applying modern technologies researched and developed by Global Technology and Digitalization Joint Stock Company since the Prime Minister's Decision 100/QD-TTg on January 19, 2019. The collaboration program between the Vietnam National University of Forestry and Global Technology and Digitalization Joint Stock Company is one of the components of the university's Digital Transformation Project (2024-2030). Through the application of new technologies in training to enhance specialized knowledge and skills for students. The current VN Check platform is in compliance with Circular No. 26/2022/TT-BNNPTNT dated December 30, 2022 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on management and traceability of forestry products; Circular No. 02/2024/TT-BKHCN dated March 28, 2024 of the Ministry of Science and Technology on origin traceability management; Decree No. 13/2022/ND-CP dated January 21, 2022 on effective management and implementation of origin traceability activities.

After witnessing the VN Check technicians demonstrate the 10 steps of origin traceability, including: Establishing cultivation and production processes; Setting up farm and nursery management; Updating cultivation and production data; Pest and disease management, updating additional production data; Updating harvesting data; Updating primary processing data; Updating cleaning and processing data; Updating packaging data; Updating preservation data; Updating distribution data to customers.

(Image: Technicians from VN Check demonstrating the technology).

As part of the collaboration between the two entities, VN Check will participate in the university's research activities: Marking experimental materials, controlling plant varieties during the breeding process, and monitoring the cultivation logs of crops in the nursery.

(Image: Nursery of the Vietnam National University of Forestry).

VN Check is a platform that applies modern 4.0 technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Blockchain to standardize processes, collect, process, and encrypt real-time data. The seamless and transparent data connection capabilities with traceability portals and other platforms are also a competitive advantage of VN Check. During the technology development process, VN Check has researched and applied quality standards such as: TCVN 11041 on Organic Agriculture, TCVN 11892 - Good Agricultural Practice (VietGAP), TCVN 12850 - General Requirements for Traceability Systems; ISO 9001 - Quality Management System Standards; ISO 22000 - Global Food Safety Management System, TCVN 7203 - Parameters used to check quality confirmation of one-dimensional barcodes, TCVN 7825 - Requirements for EAN/UPC barcodes, JAS - Japanese Organic Farming Practice Standards, EU Organics - European Union Organic Farming Practice Standards, FDA Food - Food Safety Standards of the US Food and Drug Administration, USDA - Organic Farming Practice Standards - Standards of the US Department of Agriculture...

Through collaboration, both parties aim to leverage their potential in the country's digital transformation efforts in general and within the university specifically. This contribution includes the development of technology, human resources, and the promotion of sustainable rural agricultural economic development in the future, integrating with the global economy.