Origin Traceability: The Current Situation in Vietnam and Worldwide

Origin traceability is the ability to access information by recording events and processes, retrieving data sources, verifying history, location, and other critical information.

Current legal documents on Traceability in Vietnam

On June 30, 2019, Vietnam and the EU officially signed EVFTA and IPA. On January 21, 2020, the European Union International Trade Commission approved a recommendation to ratify the EVFTA. Standing great opportunities for the government to open up, the legal corridor also requires opening up for import-export businesses in this market of more than 500 million people (27 countries). Ending the negotiations in the context that the bilateral relationship between Vietnam and the EU is growing well, especially in the field of economy and trade. The EU is currently one of Vietnam's leading trading partners with two-way turnover in 2019 reaching 56.45 billion USD, of which exports reached 41.5 billion USD, imports from the EU reached 14.9 billion USD. The EVFTA is a comprehensive, high-quality agreement that ensures a balance of benefits for both Vietnam and the EU, which also takes into account the difference in development levels between the two sides.

Completing the collaborator training program Course 1

Experiencing 03 working days (from day 18 to day 8/20/2021) very urgently, seriously and emotion. The first training course (Course 1) with 10 collaborators ended successfully and left an indelible impression in everyone's heart.

Putting farmers at the center of the digital transformation of the Agriculture sector in Vietnam

Exactly one year after the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 749/QD-TTg "Approving the National Digital Transformation Program up to 2025, with orientation to 2030", the agricultural sector, one of eight key priority areas for implementation, initially recorded positive movements. However, in order to achieve the goal in a sustainable way, it is necessary to have mechanisms and policies for farmers to play a central role in the agricultural value chain.

Support package for 100 businesses worth 1 billion VND to overcome the Pandemic

VN Check officially announced a support package for 100 small and medium enterprises affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with a total value of 1 billion VND. Each business will receive 10,000 stamps of Traceability of Distribution Channels (Good Products) of the VN Check to control the entire product operation process from the manufacturer's warehouse to the customer's hand.

Promoting the application of science and technology in agriculture is the foundation and key driving force to improve the strength of agriculture

On June 16, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Deputy Minister Le Quoc Doanh chaired a meeting of the Science and Technology Council. Attending the meeting were leaders of the Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development and representatives of institutes, schools, associations and journals under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Calling capital from angel investors 5% equivalent to 1.5 billion

Raising capital is a regular job of startup projects, through fundraising activities, CEOs - Founders will hone skills to develop projects such as financial knowledge, solving public shortcomings about technology and customer problems. Photo: CEO & Founder Mai Quang Thinh shares about the project

Supplementing the Vietnam Agricultural Science Development Advisor

This morning, May 27, 2021. VN Check's delegation had a meeting with the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences on cooperation in developing a Traceability platform to increase the value chain of Agricultural products.

Successful of trial traceability technology

On May 22, 2021, at the office of the global digital and technology joint stock company, the technology testing program of VN Check took place. After more than 3 hours of urgent and serious work, the organizers have completed the set goals and plans, contributing to clarifying VN Check's technologies and adding more questions that customers, partners, contributing to increase customer experience and expand project scale.

Seminar "Digital transformation in the field of Agriculture and Traditional Medicine" with the platform of Traceability

The presence of members in the discussion: 1- Mr. Mai Quang Thinh - Founder - CEO of VN Check 2- Mr. Nguyen Binh Minh - Co-founder - Operation director of e-commerce floor 3- Dr. Tran Van Thanh - Deputy Director of Tue Tinh Traditional Medicine Research Institute - Consultant on Traditional Medicine 4- Dr. Le Quy Kha - Former Deputy Director of Southern Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology - Advisor on CNC Agriculture.   The program is Livestreamed on VN Check's Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/VNCheck and YouTube Channel of Global Digitalization and Technology Joint Stock Company: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcZoOpgVp_qK5h-0jC6r2PQ  

How does VN Check's product traceability process work?

Product traceability technology developed by VN Check is carried out through 5 basic steps before shipping to consumers. The process is performed according to the production plan (can be modified before approval) but the entire (old) production plan on the system is still saved for comparison. Therefore, the product tracing process is made transparent and ensures the integrity of the data. This is the basis for handling food safety related issues and recalling defective products.

What is GS1? Does VN Check meet GS1 standards?

GS1 or European Code Association is a neutral organization established in 1977 under Belgian law as an international non-profit organization. The organization operates a Belgium-based Secretariat that works closely with local code organizations and has some of the work done by a number of Code Committees. GS1's mission is to design and implement solutions and global standards to improve the efficiency and transparency of supply chains and demand chains globally and across related sectors. . Currently GS1 is represented in over 108 countries around the world and operates in more than 20 industries.