Ordering guide

Ordering guide:

This section guides Collaborators, Agents, Partners and customers purchase goods on the homepage as follows:

Step 1: You choose the needs and solutions for businesses, according to each type of stamp, then access ORDER

At the order section, you can choose the type of stamp, then click the ORDER NOW button

Step 2: Enter order information

- Full name: (Full name of the person ordering)

- Phone number: (contact phone number of the person ordering).

- Address: (Delivery address)

- E. mail: (E-mail box to notify order status)

- Number of stamps: (Select the number of stamps you want to order: 10,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000 pieces).

- Order code: (Order number, specified: [Stamp issuer code] + [Order number] + [Signed contract sign]

For example: SPS CLEAN CAT TUONG TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY signed the Principle Contract No: 108/2021/GDATGROUP-CT with GLOBAL DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY AND DIGITALIZATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY (GDATGROUP) on the use of Anti-counterfeiting stamps, Traceability stamps for products Microbiological fertilizers, biological products. The first order has the symbol: VNC.01.108/2021/GDATGROUP-CT

  • Order content: (Add additional information, if any).

Step 3: After GDATGROUP receives the order information, it will conduct order verification through the Sales Department.

The next steps will be carried out according to the SALE POLICY